A Very Heartfelt Thank You / by Jason Tiefenauer

Art Driven was born not from a single idea but from a multitude of inputs and exposure to great people and ideas. Without their help, support and guidance, Art Driven would remain a fleeting idea, destined to remain unimplemented. With that, we’d like to thank the following people:

- Sonny Morgan, John Eagle European Dealer Principal, and David Gainey, Service Advisor at Bentley of Austin, for graciously sharing their wonderful service department that has served as our painting space for the first four cars.

- Dan Mooney, owner of Classic Jaguar, for both preparing the cars for paint and finishing them with a perfect clearcoat.

- Lisa Copeland, Fiat of Austin General Manager, for believing in us and showcasing our Art Driven cars at her grand opening celebration.

- David Angenend, owner of Sideways AutoSalon, for the final push to make this all happen. Without his inspiration and support, Art Driven would not exist.

From these key supporters, Art Driven is born!